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A guide to Carpet tiles

by QC Flooring on October 29, 2012 in with Comments Off

Carpet tiles offer many advantages against broadloom carpets.

Today?s modern office environments with open office systems are designed for flexibility, to accommodate frequent layout changes. A modular floor can be quickly adapted to new requirements thereby reducing the cost of reorganisation . Where carpet tiles are installed, telephone, electrical and other underfloor systems remain easily accessible for these changes to be made.

Carpet tiles can be rotated from areas of high wear to areas of low wear, and damaged or soiled tiles can be replaced simply and quickly. Installation is easier and faster than conventional carpet, with less waste. Less waste means that less material is required so that more of your flooring investment goes onto the floor. Carpet tiles allow for more design flexibility and different textures and colours can be combined to create walkways and feature areas.

With all this flexibility, we?re sure that whatever the specification, whatever the budget, you?ll find exactly what you need in our carpet tile portfolio.


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